Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beautiful photos of birth ecstasy

Ecstasy = An overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement. 
 Description of this picture from Improving Birth on facebook
"I was able to go back to my first love yesterday and continue to be inspired as this mama climbed her mountain and victoriously greeted her baby during her vaginal birth after cesarean." 

all picture from Improving Birth on facebook

In general, I don’t see these kinds of pictures, this joy, this birth emotion in medicated births. I didn’t say hospital ‘cause you can still have birth ecstasy in an all natural hosp. birth =) Of course there are always exceptions. Notice I did say ‘in general’. If you have a medicated birth picture that looks like these that you’d be willing for me to post please share!

Just because you have a natural birth doesn't mean your face will look like these ladies. It doesn’t guarantee that you will feel birth ecstasy. I believe I experienced birth shock (the emotional, not physical kind) though in no way did I feel like it was a traumatic birth. Maybe “birth surprise” is a better description at least in my case. So my face did not look like those above. It was surreal. When my milk came in around 3 days I got overwhelming feelings of emotion and joy. I sobbed like I thought I would have immediately after our daughter was born. Please, don’t misunderstand me, I loved her the 1st three days and was very excited, just didn’t get the birth ecstasy till later!

From the Business of Being Born documentary

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