Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quick tips for increasing low milk supply

Too put it into perspective - 1/2 a gallon = 8 cups of water daily is the MINIMUM for a person who is not pregnant or nursing how much more when feeding two! During pregnancy & nursing I recommend a gallon of water DAILY! Yes, you read that correctly and It is possible! You will thank yourself someday ;-)

2,500-3,000 healthy calories DAILY. Yes every day! I find mamas simply are not eating enough healthy calories. Start a diet log (easy on phone) until you can see you are getting that amount consistently.

I highly recommend these delicious cookies that increased my milk! I want some now just thinking about it... Tasted like homemade chocolate chip cookies to me!  Lac-OOkies  

Wait till you get the ok from your care provider then start slowly. If you notice a decrease in your supply, don't exercise as long/as much. If that does not seem to make a difference then you may need to stop all together until you feel you have a good balance of all that's listed. Deep Breath! Smile =) You have plenty of time to lose the weight, yet you and your baby have a better chance of creating lasting benefits for both of you if you focus your energy on feeding your little one! =D  
If you do not notice a decrease & you are maintaining a healthy diet & drink plenty of water then exercise should be wonderfully beneficial!




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Friday, November 14, 2014

Treating yeast/thrush infection in mom & baby naturally

You will have so many options to try once you've read this post; yet don't get overwhelmed. Each person will find what works for them. Yeast a.k.a. thrush is something you DO NOT want to "wait to see" or it could last months! Start at least 1 thing on this list TODAY!!

Mixed opinions on this one, so up to you but you will be doing so many other things it will be nice to have 1 less thing to think about- STOP using lanolin.

Take a spoonful of high quality Coconut oil by mouth w/every meal!! Then rub it on nipple topically, alternating with no sugar, organic yogurt with live cultures. Be sure you have clean hands or use different jar for nipples since yeast is highly contagious! If you don't notice a difference in a few days up doses or switch to a different natural remedy. Advice from other moms They have found Vit E on nipples to be helpful.

Reduce carbs & sugar, for best results NO sugar! I can not stress enough how important good nutrition is or it will just keep coming back =(

Hidden sugars:
dried fruit, trail mix, store bought pasta sauce, protein & granola bars, packaged hot & cold cereals...
So it's not too overwhelming for now you can still do brown rice & sweet potatoes.

Grapefruit SEED extract (GSE)
Must be from the seed! Consider buying liquid AND capsule form. Not to scare you- I still recommend using GSE but read over die off symptoms then watch LO for a rash etc. If baby gets a rash YOU cut back on the amount of GSE capsules you are taking orally. Yet don't stop everything just cut back on some supplements while continuing diet.

You'd take the capsules, then the liquid GSE would go on nipples & in baby's mouth.

 Probiotics for MOM and BABY

Baby probiotics

If mom has IBS or GI issues... Or if you find it is causing gas in mom &/or baby try diary free probiotics.

Scroll down till the end of all the links on right side of this blog Above “Blog Archive” are link lists you should explore: Systemic Candida

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