Saturday, July 9, 2011

My 1st giveaway!

Would you expose yourself, if you were pregnant, or your baby to 2nd hand smoke? Would you burn diesel fuel for your family to inhale? Would you ask your kids to expose themselves to cancer causing chemicals you may have in the house i.e. bleach?

No way. Of course not, but you have done the equivalent to all these things to your family & your body if you've burnt paraffin candles in your home! Yes, I too was shocked! Fumes contain formaldehyde which can lead to nose & throat cancer. So far there are 11 documented toxins from paraffin.

“Another surprise is that the candle-making industry is not required to tell consumers about the ingredients used in their products, including when a wick is used which contains a lead core.”
Are Everyday Candles Destroying Your Home And Health?

What's the alternative? SOY!! or beeswax

My favorite soy candle shop is my blogger friend Becky's Good Neighbors Candle Company.

She use hemp wicks in her jar candles. Becky wrote “I do use zinc in the tea lights. After years and years of searching for a wick to work in the tea lights this one worked well... so I went with it. Zinc is considered safe but I prefer the hemp.”

Of the candles I ordered, the hot chocolate mug is my favorite. With the floating marshmallows it looks so realistic. One day I was passing by the candle mug when I leaned over for a sniff. Such a rich chocolaty smell... Mmm... I closed my eyes... only to hear a chuckle. I looked up sheepishly to find Andrew looking at me. He said “I’m so glad I saw that!” I said “I was getting my chocolate fix” For the whole rest of the day we joked about it. So it's fitting that Becky has offered the hot chocolate mug candle for the giveaway!

To Enter
1st entry- visit Becky's CandleBlog and leave a comment about the candles HERE. Example: My favorite candle of her's is... You must do this to be eligible for the giveaway.

For an other entry put a link to the The Candle Blog or The Etsy Shop on your sidebar. Or post on your blog about this giveaway and link to Good Neighbors Candle's.

For yet an other entry become a follower of this health blog.

Ok I'm really making you work for this! To get an other entry leave a comment for me here about which post(s) is your favorite. I want feedback so I can continue to improve my site. And to help facilitate a healthier future for us all!

Leave a separate comment for each eligible entry. If you complete all instructions you get 4 entries!!
Winner will be announced at the beginning of September & the candle will be sent to you directly from Becky's hard working hands.

Have fun!

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