Sunday, May 13, 2012

May is Postpartum Mood Awareness month

 Kaleen Richards CNM (midwife), ARNP, speaks about the difference between postpartum blues vs postpartum depression, risk factors and much more in this informative talk!

Some highlights from the above video: 

What to watch for AFTER the 1st week:

~ Crying every day &/or all day long

~ Not responding to the baby

~ Not caring for yourself or the baby
(This means long term. It's expected that some days your so tired you'd rather sleep in than take a shower; especially with in the 1st 6 weeks. Also there is a difference if you desire to take care of your self & the baby, but feel physically that you can't. As opposed to physically being able to perform those takes yet avoiding, denying or ignoring them. For example, weakness, extreme fatigue, short of breath, not having the stamina you used to, can be signs of low iron or anemia. Have your midwife or Dr check your iron levels. Increase iron rich veggies in your diet. Try green smoothies and check out my link list Juicing! There are natural supplements that are not only safe for, but also highly recommended when nursing such as Chlorophyll and Floradix)

Moms that are induced with pitocin &/or have a C-section have an increased risk of postpartum depression. I also want to bring awareness that often times fathers struggle with postpartum depression as well.

I like what she says "Dad it's your job to call me" if you see these signs of depression ('cause most likely he'll find it easier to call as woman often feel embarrassed to admit they are struggling).

Here are some natural remedies that can help with mild symptoms till you can get into see your midwife or Dr., have some blood work done and discuss it further with them. This list doesn't fix the root cause (e.g. hormone imbalance, lack of support etc)

Isotonix Calcium Plus
Natural Calm Plus Calcium
Rescue Remedy
Vitamin B complex
Hire a Postpartum Doula
Join a mom's support group &/or start one

I don't know of a mom's group in my area, so I started one! If you live near me, private message me for detail. We'd love to see you there =)

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