Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quick tips for increasing low milk supply

Too put it into perspective - 1/2 a gallon = 8 cups of water daily is the MINIMUM for a person who is not pregnant or nursing how much more when feeding two! During pregnancy & nursing I recommend a gallon of water DAILY! Yes, you read that correctly and It is possible! You will thank yourself someday ;-)

2,500-3,000 healthy calories DAILY. Yes every day! I find mamas simply are not eating enough healthy calories. Start a diet log (easy on phone) until you can see you are getting that amount consistently.

I highly recommend these delicious cookies that increased my milk! I want some now just thinking about it... Tasted like homemade chocolate chip cookies to me!  Lac-OOkies  

Wait till you get the ok from your care provider then start slowly. If you notice a decrease in your supply, don't exercise as long/as much. If that does not seem to make a difference then you may need to stop all together until you feel you have a good balance of all that's listed. Deep Breath! Smile =) You have plenty of time to lose the weight, yet you and your baby have a better chance of creating lasting benefits for both of you if you focus your energy on feeding your little one! =D  
If you do not notice a decrease & you are maintaining a healthy diet & drink plenty of water then exercise should be wonderfully beneficial!




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