Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Pediatrician

So many naturally minded parents can dread Pediatrician visits. I’m so grateful & blessed that God has led us to a Pediatrician that can not only give prescriptions but suggests natural remedies too! I really, really like our Ped. =) We had such a great visit yesterday!

Hearing this Doctor confirm that the reading & research I have done on vaccines is truly accurate was reassuring. She will support what ever the parent decides, but does NOT recommend vaccines!!! To hear it straight from a Drs mouth-Wow! I praise the Lord we have a medical Doctors support backing us on our decision!

Don’t dread your Pediatrician visit. Email me for more referrals if you don't find one below.

Natural minded health care professionals that will treat newborns to adults:


Chiro Dr Spaulding


Ped. Dr. Cannizzaro


Ped. Dr Franz


Ped. Dr David Berger

Chiro Dr Bain


Ped. Dr Danuta

Chiro Dr Teri

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