Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ideas to decrease or eliminate snoring:

Liquid Cal-mag

Reduce dairy (preferably cut out any mucous causing foods)


What I mentioned above are just band aids. Finding the root cause is better for long term health:

See a natural Dr

Loose weight

Specialist/sleep testing

Most people just find it annoying but we must realize that this is a sign of what could be a serious health concern! People can die from side effect from sleep apnea. Insurance should help cover the testing & machine. If yours doesn't, I think the life of your loved one is worth the money you'll spend!

When my Dad went for testing they had to rush in 'cause his oxygen levels were so low & he'd stop breathing for around a min. Now with a breathing machine he finally feels better. Both my parents sleep better than they have in years! (Despite what you might hear people say about the machines they get if diagnosed with sleep apnea... my Dad's breathing machine is quiet.)

For your marriage sake & their health encourage your spouse to get help ASAP!

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