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Acid Reflux in Newborns

My daughter had acid reflux. Calling a lactation consultant made a difference overnight (literally) we went from DAILY choking, projectile vomiting, hours of nursing, to a rare projectile vomit when I ate something I shouldn't have.

If this is something you think your little one might have then your 1st priority should be to call a lactation consultant &/or go to a LLL meeting (even if you find these tips helpful, because each baby is different. Also it will help you emotionally. I just felt better after talking on the phone with the lactation consultant, even though nothing had changed yet)

Watching what you eat. I ate a lot fresh fruit the 1st several days, thinking I was being so healthy. It turned out they were the types of fruit that increase reflux.

Foods to avoid:
Gassy, acidic, diary, caffeine...
More specifically
Asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, strawberries, citrus, ice-cream, milk
(cheese & eggs for some babies)

Record a diet diary along with babies reactions/symptoms for at least a week. With that info you can begin an elimination diet; meaning completely stop eating the trigger foods, till you see improvement. What I was told is that babies can react to a food through nursing, in general within 2-12 hours and it can stay in their systems for 2 weeks or more.

Do not cradle hold but prop baby up during feedings. Then hold them in an upright position or prop them on a boppy, carseat or swing after.

Probiotics - liquid

Gripe water or Mylicon or enzymes

Homeopathic colic tabs

Acid Reflux=  Hazelwood -OR- Hazelwood w/Baltic Amber Beads from Hazelaid

Tips for non-nursing babies 
with acid reflux

Special formulas still may have cows milk or high allergens like corn. I read the ingredients to some special formulas that they are probably charging you an arm & a leg for while you still have a crying baby. This is what I read: corn, corn, treated cows milk, more corn!! Keep in mind, much of this corn has been genetically modified which doesn't agree with adults digestion, let alone babies! Maybe baby is saying "Please mommy no more CORN!" 

"Casein hydrolysate formula... is made of cow's milk that has been treated... But there isn't enough research to say whether replacing standard cow's milk formula with casein hydrolysate formula will help your baby's colic. [2] [8]"

You are the best mom for Your baby! In other words YOU have the best mom instincts for your baby! If your baby appears to still be in pain, crying etc then the formula you are currently using may be the culprit no matter what the bottle/can or ads says!  

I recommend trying different options such as homemade baby formula or donor milkHere is an other recipe: Goat's Milk baby formula from Dr Sears

Babywearing & Chiropractic care can help fussy babies no matter what they are being fed!

Other ideas: Bicycling baby's legs, clockwise abdominal massage, legs to chest (these three are more for a gassy baby so be gentle & not after a feeding!)

I also had a fast/forceful letdown which compounded the reflux. Here are some tips and positions combined with tips mentioned above, stopped our daughters sputtering & chocking while nursing.

These are the things that helped us:

Lie down or "recline back so that baby is above and tummy-to-tummy with mom. See this information on upright nursing positions." from

Breastfeeding where both of you are sitting up/monkey position. I would prop her up on a boppy when nursing side lying.

This post & website are not a replacement for a health care provider & the advice given should not be considered a diagnosis or treatment. Seeking a professional care provider is the responsibility of the reader.

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