Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Changing your food habits? Read this 1st

Here is a list I typed up to help a friend who is changing to what is called clean eating, meaning no processed foods. If you want more info specifically on clean eating look under the link list to the right hand side of the pg. under “Clean Eating” If you already eat clean, have recipes or suggestions or web links Please email me or leave a comment.

1 Just remember KISS = Keep it simple silly!!!
Don’t get overwhelmed. Meaning make one change at a time. Example: Make a menu for one day so you can prepare & shop properly for those meals. One day, that’s all you have to think about! Then try a wk-end, until you find yourself going longer & longer.

I remember when I was cutting out dairy I thought forlornly “this is the last ice-cream cone I’m ever going to have EVER again!” Don’t say things like “ever again” or “never”. By the way, there is non dairy ice-cream you can find in health food stores. I didn’t know this at the time of my above thought.

2 It going to take time. One phase at a time
I’ve been on this health conscious, eating better, journey for over 10 yrs now & I’m still learning. Still room for improvement!

3 Eat real/whole foods!
As much raw as possible!! Why do you need a lot of recipes? Why do you feel the need to cook? It will save you time & energy (w/a reduced electric bill) if you don’t! What we do is cook only the bare necessities. Examples: homemade pizza we melt the cheese then add raw toppings… we cook pasta sauce then add raw veggies, breakfast burritos where we add raw veggies to the fried onions & eggs.

4 Your palette will change over time.
The time line will be different for everyone, depending on how disciplined you are. It’s better to work with your kids palette’s now while they’re young!
Andrew’s ideas: Concentrate on fruits & veggies, spending the majority of your food budget on the fruits & veggies so you won’t be tempted to spend it on boxed stuff.

I respect Mom’s wisdom & resourcefulness for feeding 5 people on one income (including a teenage son) Mom was amazing in her managing the meals & stretching the food out skills. If you know my mom, feel free to call her for money saving & health tips!!!

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